Hours Hours

M-F 7am - 7pm
Sat 8am - 5pm
Sun 10am - 4pm

* All boarders must be dropped off at least one hour prior to closing time.

** We are closed to the public on major holidays - there are staff present to care for the dogs, but we are closed for drop off and pick up. We will post our hours in the weeks leading up to each holiday.

*** We can't make any guarantees on availability after hours. If a dog is left in daycare past closing time, the dog may be boarded overnight with additional boarding charges.

Rates Rates

We offer gift certificates! Inquire with staff if you would like to purchase a gift certificate for friends or family!

Daycare - East

Daycare - West

Daycare packages do not expire; the days can be used at your leisure and do not need to be consecutive days; the days can be any combination of whole and half days. The days start upon check-in, half days can start any time - there is no "morning half day" or "afternoon half day" necessarily.

Boarding - East per dog

Boarding - West per dog

First time discount - 15%
Multiple dog discount - 15%
Civil service discount - 15%
Senior Discount - 10%
*Discounts do not apply to Daycare Packages, one discount per transaction.

Boarding prices cover a 24 hr period; if your dog stays more than the 24 hrs allotted, there will be a half-day daycare charge.
Daycare is included in the boarding fee - there is no additional charge for daycare with a boarding stay.
Boarding and single day daycare charges are per dog.
Daycare packages can be used for multiple dogs and in any combination of whole or half days.
Daycare Packages do not expire.


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