Four years ago when we began to plan our expansion west, we quickly realized we could have a much greater impact on the pets and people in our community if we had a bigger vision - and it would be a lot more fun! We ended up with what we affectionately call our "pet campus" and it will bring together local businesses and local non-profits to create a brand new way to enjoy the human-animal bond in Lawrence.

After 14 years and countless really good dogs in our play groups, pool parties, snow days, special packs, and slumber parties, we are finally able to create a bigger, newer facility that will feature more and larger boarding spaces and our same great combination of indoor and outdoor play areas. And to make it even more fun we are inviting these friends to come join us.

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Pawsh Wash

Two of Lawrence's best dog destinations are going to be roommates! Combining our cumulative 26 years of experience serving Lawrence into a single location will create synergy for our staff and clients that is unlike anywhere else in the area. All the great grooming services, self-bathing, food, treats, and pet products will be right next door. Our pet campus will be a great one-stop for playing, romping, swimming, and then a bath to go home fresh *and* clean.

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Lawrence Humane Society - West Adoption Center

We are also very excited to announce a West satellite adoption center for the Lawrence Humane Society. Anyone who knows us knows we have a passion for helping animals as well as the nonprofit organizations in our community who share that mission. This satellite adoption location is a chance for our local animal shelter to have a greater reach to our quickly growing community to help as many homeless animals in our area as possible.

The proximity of this west adoption center will allow Home Sweet Home and Pawsh Wash to use our resources to help the Lawrence Humane Society and their adoptable dogs and cats in any way they need. Pawsh Wash can help with animals seized from cruelty cases and those with painful matting, to free up shelter workers to tend to other animal needs. Home Sweet Home can work adoptable dogs into our playgroups to help get much needed exercise and enrichment throughout the day. Importantly, dogs who really need help - whether it be a neglected dog who needs professional attention, or an anxious dog who needs our skilled handlers' guidance and help with socialization - will benefit from Lawrence's first and only Pet Campus.

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Symbiotic Behavioral Treatment Center

The final piece of the puzzle, is one we have worked very hard on over the last few years and has been a true passion of our owner, Anthony. These are the first concrete steps to bring this vision - the first of it's kind anywhere - to reality in Lawrence, KS. The Symbiotic Behavioral Treatment Center is a facility that enhances the mental health and well-being of people through evidenced-based treatment and aids in the physical and psychological recovery of abused and traumatized dogs with interactive training and the application of the human-canine bond in a therapeutic environment. SBTC has evolved the animal-assisted therapy model into the Symbiotic Model where people and dogs are partners and work together toward their common goals. People and dogs dealing with stress and anxiety and coping with trauma will be able to find help and learn ways to help each other at SBTC.

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This project is designed in two phases; "Phase 1" building will have Home Sweet Home, the Lawrence Humane Society, Pawsh Wash and a small office space for the Symbiotic Behavioral Treatment Center while we raise money for the construction of our Center.

"Phase 2" is construction of the Symbiotic Behavioral Treatment Center and a new pet business in the previously used office space. If you would like to learn more about SBTC, please visit the SBTC website.

We are very excited about and proud of our project to bring pet businesses and nonprofits together into Lawrence's first and only Pet Campus. We still have some big steps to take to make this a reality and we are delighted to be taking them. We will continue to work hard and we will keep you informed with updates and developments as they come to pass. Thank you all for all your trust and support over the last 14 years! We are excited to be growing with you!

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