Facility Facility

Our facility offers multiple indoor and outdoor play areas to accommodate dogs of varying age, size, and energy level.

Your dog has indoor/outdoor access throughout the day, except in extreme weather conditions. During times of extreme heat or cold, the inside/outside routines are more regimented to make sure everyone stays safe. Other than severe storms, the dogs do go outside and run around and have fun during rain, snow or shine. We do our best to accommodate for those conditions by allowing dogs to dry before pickup times but do not guarantee clean/dry dogs at pickup.

We have an in-ground wading pool, several smaller pools, multiple shade structures, and cooling fans to keep your dog cool and comfortable during the Summer. Our yards also feature tunnels and play equipment for added enjoyment.

Dogs have access to clean water at all times. We provide clean water to the packs every thirty minutes.


We match your dog with a play group that best compliments your dog’s needs, and each group is under constant supervision. Packs are split up roughly based on physical size but also on energy level, play style and several other variables. The dogs are allowed to play or rest at their own initiative and allowed to be inside or out as they desire. Besides great play areas, we can also provide rest areas for dogs who need a nap or a break.

FacilitySpecial packs

If your dog is nervous about, or new to, playing with other dogs, ask about our “Special Packs” designed to help teach dogs proper social skills and reduce anxiety through the use of hand-picked social dogs, professional guidance and a slower pace that allows your dog to progress on its own time line. The individualized attention of special packs can be a great way for your dog to gain comfort and confidence with other dogs and in a new environment. Special Packs are by appointment after consultation.

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