Facility Your boarding checklist

*If your dog is destructive to bedding or will consume foreign objects please do not bring them and notify our staff so everyone can stay safe.

**If your dog has any obsessive, destructive, neurotic or other such tendencies that could result in harm to your dog please notify the staff so we know your dog and how to keep it safe and healthy.

Facility Options

Kennel - normal kennels that range in size from very small up to dogs of about 100 lbs

Suite - a 4 x 8 run raised off the floor with 6 ft walls and covered top. A little more room to spread out or accommodate multiple dogs sleeping in one area.

Room - Once the (approx bedroom sized) daycare rooms are sterilized at the end of the day, they can be used to board dogs who want a room all to themselves or who have doggie roommates.

We can also work with you to accommodate your dogs special boarding needs. For example some clients like to board their dog in a suite or room with their own kennel in the room with the door open to provide both the space of a bigger area as well as the security of their own kennel. We will work to the best of our abilities to make these kinds of accommodations when we can.

*We reserve the right to make changes to your dog's boarding accommodations regarding the health, safety and/or comfort needs of your dog without notice.

Facility Special needs

If your dog has special needs, please discuss them with our staff. We have experience with all kinds of different dogs and will make accommodations as simple or complex as needed. We have cared for senior citizen dogs, handicapped dogs, dogs with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and epilepsy, and dogs who just need a little extra attention and care and/or time and space to themselves.

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Wakarusa - 785-856-0903

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